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As pictures express themselves in a different language, I would like to introduce myself in a couple of words.

I was born and raised in Hungary. I started to take photos as a child, and I was instantly infatuated by writing with the help of light. My first camera got replaced for better and better equipment, as I grew more experienced and knowledgable about the current techniques I used.

After graduation I had the chance of working and gaining experience in Australia and the USA. The cultures outside Europe have had a lasting effect on my perspective and works. I believe that I know how the personality behind the masks of skin can be made visible independent of which culture the model might belong to.

I feel fortunate from many aspects. Love has struck me in the shape of a charming Peruvian girl. After getting to know many miraculous countries, I can take advantage of being inspired by the immensely rich culture of Peru, and I feel lucky to enjoy the hospitality of the people and return their kindness with my photos.

I encourage you to take a look around here, as my portfolio displays an array of personal and company galleries worth seeing. The pages are best viewed with Firefox and Safari. If you stumbled on what you had been looking for, if you got touched by my work, or just want to ask a question, please do not hesitate to do so. Feel free to e-mail me or make a call!

Best regards,

Krisztián Sere


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